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The West in Confederation: What is Behind Western Restlessness?
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World Television Day 2023: New Age Technologies That Are Redefining Premium Big Screen Experience; What Can You Expect In Future? [Video]

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World Television Day: As the world celebrates ‘World Television Day 2023’ today (November 21), it is time to appreciate the evolution of TVs from bulky boxes to razor-thin large panels. TVs have served several purposes in the past, including entertainment, education, information dissemination and more, and it continues to leap strong. On this day, it is time to understand the few latest technologies that continue to mark this big screen as a relevant appliance in homes and offices worldwide.

Televisions have witnessed sweeping changes in the past 10-15 years. From OLED to rollables, here are a few significant technologies transforming the premium TV experience globally.

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OLED, QLED, Mini-LED, Laser

Premium panels, including the reputed OLED, innovative mini-LEDs and Laser are the benchmark for video quality on a TV. While LED and QLED screens can serve a …

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