Assessing the impact of the Impact Assessment Act ruling
Assessing the impact of the Impact Assessment Act ruling
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Trucking boss gets 7 years for role in 2019 smuggling that led to deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants WPXI [Video]

Vietnam News

LONDON — (AP) — A trucking company boss who claimed he thought he was smuggling booze into Britain was sentenced Thursday to seven years in prison for his role in a human trafficking ring in which 39 Vietnamese migrants suffocated in a cargo container in 2019.

Caolan Gormley was the last of 11 people to be convicted in London in the migrant smuggling scheme. Five of the suspects were convicted of manslaughter.

Gormley, 26, from Armagh, Northern Ireland, was convicted on Monday of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration by a jury that deliberated for little more than an hour in the Central Criminal Court, known as the Old Bailey.

Judge Richard Marks said Gormley “succumbed to temptation and greed” in the lucrative smuggling business.

Gormley claimed he was being paid up to 3,500 pounds ($4,420) per truck load, the judge said, but evidence showed people paid up to 22,500 pounds …

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