Assessing the impact of the Impact Assessment Act ruling
Assessing the impact of the Impact Assessment Act ruling
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South Korean farmers rally near presidential office to protest proposed anti-dog meat legislation WSOC TV [Video]

South Korea News

SEOUL, South Korea — (AP) — Dozens of South Korean dog farmers scuffled with police during a rally near the presidential office on Thursday to protest a push by authorities to outlaw dog meat consumption.

Earlier this month, government and ruling party officials agreed to introduce legislation by the year’s end that would ban the centuries-old practice. Individual lawmakers have submitted similar anti-dog meat bills in the past, but this would be the first time for the government to back such legislation.

About 200 farmers, restaurant owners and others involved in the dog meat industry gathered in Thursday’s rally. They sang, raised their fists and took turns making speeches criticizing the government’s move. One protester said he would kill himself if the government and governing party move ahead with the legislation.

Some farmers brought dogs in cages on their trucks but were prevented from taking them to the protest site. …

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