Wake up, Canada. The world is a dangerous place.
Wake up, Canada. The world is a dangerous place.
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Russia Sends New Hyper Artillery to Iran [Video]

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Russia Sends New Hyper Artillery to Iran

Russia Sends New Hyper Artillery to Iran

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Russia is apparently going forward with an agreement to buy short-range ballistic missiles from Iran.
Welcome everyone, in today’s video; we’re going to tell you Russia Sends New Hyper Artillery to Iran
The Wall Street Journal initially reported on the tentative sale arrangement on Thursday, citing anonymous US officials.
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Russia Sends New Hyper Artillery to Iran
According to officials, the missiles would increase Russia’s ability to target Ukrainian infrastructure at a time when support for ongoing US military assistance to Kyiv is dwindling in Congress.
“The United States is concerned that Russian negotiations to acquire close-range ballistic missiles from Iran are actively advancing,” a US official told the Journal. “We assess that Russia intends to purchase missile systems from Iran.”
The officials told the Journal that they do not believe the agreement has been formalized, but that the first deliveries of Iranian missiles might occur in the spring.
According to officials, Moscow has already begun to receive ballistic missile launchers and several dozen ballistic missiles from North Korea.
Russia’s interest in obtaining Iranian missiles was first revealed in mid-December, when a Russian delegation visited an Iranian training area to view ballistic missiles and related equipment displayed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force, including its short-range Ababil missile, according to US officials speaking with the Journal.
The previously undisclosed travel took place after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the IRGC Aerospace Force headquarters in Tehran in September to see a presentation of the Ababil and other missile systems, authorities said. Shoigu also spoke with Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, the chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, at the time, claiming that Russia-Iran relations were reaching new heights.
That visit occurred the same month that Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met at a spaceport in Russia’s far east to pledge increased collaboration on economic and security concerns. According to several individuals acquainted with the deal, North Korea has subsequently begun shipping a variety of weapons to Russia, including, for the first time, short-range ballistic missiles to eastern Russia. Officials stated the equipment included previously reported howitzer stocks.
Moscow’s strategy could include expanding the number of missiles launched in an attempt to overwhelm Ukraine’s antimissile defenses, as seen by Russia’s efforts to enhance supply via negotiations with North Korea and now Iran. According to the Journal, Russia has already purchased many drones from Iran for use in the Ukraine conflict, and Moscow and Tehran are collaborating on the construction of a new facility in Russia that U.S. officials estimate could produce thousands of drones for attacking Kyiv forces.
The United States is growing concerned that increased cooperation between Moscow and Tehran may bolster Iran’s military capability in the Middle East as well as its devastated economy due to Western sanctions.
A United Nations Security Council resolution passed following the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that prevented Iran from exporting or importing certain types of missiles and drones, as well as military technologies used to manufacture and operate missiles, without council approval, officially expired in October. In response, the United States imposed further sanctions aimed at discouraging Tehran’s missile trade and signed a deal with 47 other nations to impede Iran’s sale of ballistic missiles and associated technology.

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