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FBI agents board Dali cargo ship at Baltimore bridge collapse site to grill the crew on what they knew when it set sail – as the city sues Singapore-based owner [Video]

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The FBI has launched a criminal probe into the Baltimore bridge collapse that killed six construction workers.

Agents will investigate whether the 22-strong crew of the Dali knew it had serious systemic issues before they left the Maryland port on March 26. 

Some were seen arriving at the ship today to speak to the crew, who remain onboard.  

Meanwhile Baltimore’s mayor said the city is bringing in outside firms to ‘hold responsible all entities accountable for the Key Bridge tragedy’. 

He has hired two law firms to sue  Grace Ocean Private, the Singapore-based company that owns the ship. 

FBI agents arrive at the Dali on Monday morning to interview the crew still on board
Agents were seen arriving at the cargo ship on Monday morning to conduct interviews

It comes just three weeks after shocking footage beamed around the world showing the 110,000-ton cargo ship ram into the Francis Scott …

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