Double Trouble / NATO and the Indo-Pacific
Double Trouble / NATO and the Indo-Pacific
Federal employment bloat costing taxpayers at least $10 billion annually: Jack Mintz in the Financial Post

81-year-old veteran robbed, carjacked while delivering pizzas in Chicago [Video]

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At 81 years old, Ernie Aimone has been delivering pizzas for Joe’s on Higgins in Chicago for the last 40 years.”He’s like family to us,” said Frank Demonte with Joes. “He’s seen me grow up from very young. He worked for my Dad.” That close bond led to heightened concern for Aimone after he was robbed and carjacked while he was out delivering pizzas. WLS reports Aimone was crossing a street when someone approached him from behind. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground. “They said give me the keys, give me the keys,” he told the outlet. “And they sucker punched me from behind. Hit me in the face. I was afraid for my life.”Aimone stayed down until he heard his car take off. Illinois police found the car a few hours later. After a short chase, it crashed, leaving major damage to the 2015 Hyundai …

Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy in a quickly changing world / Jeff Kucharski / MLI in Parliament
Russia and China want security for themselves and no one else: Stephen Nagy in the Japan Times