Delaying C-70 would be a gift to our adversaries / Richard Fadden / MLI in parliament
Delaying C-70 would be a gift to our adversaries / Richard Fadden / MLI in parliament
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10 Weird Things That Only Exist In North Korea [Video]

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10 Weird Things That Only Exist In North Korea

Are you curious about the unusual and bizarre things that exist in North Korea? Join us as we explore 10 of the weirdest objects, phenomena, and practices unique to this mysterious country. From the infamous “traffic ladies” to the propaganda-filled Mansudae Hill Grand Monument, North Korea never fails to surprise the world with its eccentricities. Discover more about these strange and intriguing aspects of North Korean culture in our latest video! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more fascinating content about the world’s most enigmatic destinations. ( 10 Weird Things That Only Exist In North Korea )

An Irish journalist, Matt Cooper, visited North Korea and said it was the scariest place he has ever been. Have you ever wondered what truly goes on under the oppressive regime of North Korea? The North Korean government controls nearly every moment of its citizens’ lives, dictating everything from what they wear to what they watch on TV. Behind its tightly suffocating sealed borders lies a world of isolation and trauma. The state strips away fundamental rights from its citizens and imposes strange totalitarian rules on them. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many strange occurrences happening in the country in secrecy, of which the world remains completely unaware. Watch this video until the end to discover the 10 most shocking things about North Korea that exist nowhere else on Earth, including the facts that no one is going to tell you about.

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0:01 – Introduction
0:52 – Disloyalty to the leader can mean the death penalty
1:42 – Pictures of past dictators in every house
2:42 – Restrictions on the hairstyle
3:29 – Traffic Ladies
4:31 – Ban on leaving the country
5:31 – Control on citizens’ smile
6:32 – Ban on Bible
7:22 – Power cut every night
8:00 – Three-generation punishment
8:49 – Ban on photography

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